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Chip Conley Brings 'Joy of Life' Philosophy to Airbnb as Head of Hospitality

Chip Conley Brings 'Joy of Life' Philosophy to Airbnb as Head of Hospitality

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Chip Conley has put an emphasis on creating "joy of life" for guests and employees of his boutique hotels for over 25 years, and is looking to do the same for Airbnb as the new head of global hospitality. He's ready to employ some fresh ideas to enhance the user experience and bolster the popularity of this rapidly growing company. With listings in 192 countries and 8.5 million guests in just the first five years, he certainly has a good head start. Photo Courtesy of Chip Conley

According to Forbes, Airbnb has been working hard to better the travel experience by starting with the source: the host. The Joie de Vivre founder is leading this initiative by targeting nine standards all hosts should be able to meet, like providing fresh linens and prompt replies to travelers. "I'm a big believer in the best thing to do to manage the expectations of guests is to create standards. That's things that guests can count on–like soap," Conley said. Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

The hotelier will also be establishing online seminars to train hosts, as well as managing the Airbnb Hospitality Innovation Lab in Dublin. Europe is currently their largest market, so he sees it as a great opportunity to try out new services and amenities here. Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

While Conley will be focusing on improving the Airbnb experience, he by no means wants to change the unique qualities that have made it so successful. He's aware that those who are off-put by staying in someone else's home will go on booking hotels, but the Airbnb customer seeks the quirk this brand is known for and he wants to ensure they continue to get it. "We want hosts to understand that the more we create unique experiences and the more localized experience it is, the more we meet the needs of guests."


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