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Spinach soup

Spinach soup

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I boiled the soup again, over which I added the two liters of water. When it reached boiling point, I put the vegetables (cleaned, washed, and diced), without tomatoes (we add them towards the end when the potatoes are cooked). When the potatoes were cooked, I added the tomatoes, the oil and I salted the soup.

Meanwhile, I boiled the borsch separately and added it over the soup. I put the noodles, beaten egg and let the noodles boil a little. I stopped the fire and put the greenery.

It can be served both hot and cold.

Good appetite !

Method of preparation

Spinach soup

Wash the spinach, then put it in a pot to scald it then drain the water in which it was,

Spinach soup (fasting)

we start by washing the spinach in 3 waters. After washing the spinach, heat the oil intro

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