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Mexican eggs

Mexican eggs

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We wash the green onion and cut it into slices, we clean the garlic and cut it in half.

Finely chop the peeled tomatoes, drain the beans from the juice.

Heat the oil in a pan, put the onion, the onion and simmer for 2-3 minutes.

Add the chopped tomatoes, let them boil for 2-3 minutes, then add the beans and corn kernels.

Mix everything and let it boil for a maximum of 5 minutes on low heat.

Season with salt, pepper, paprika and dried basil.

Take the pan off the heat, let it cool for 2-3 minutes.

Next, either use a larger ceramic pot or make individual portions, I chose to make in small pots.

We take two small vessels, of yena, of ceramic, we put a stick in each one.

Pour the sauce evenly into each bowl, then break two eggs in each. Put them lightly so that the yolk does not spread.

We put the cheese and mozzarella on the grater with large meshes, we sprinkle them on top, just don't put them on the eggs.

Put them in the hot oven, at a suitable temperature, for 10-12 minutes.

We move the dishes a bit to see if the egg whites have set and when the eggs are ready, we take them out of the oven.

Let them cool a bit and serve. Enjoy your meal!

Egg alternatives (4 eggless recipes + bonus)

The potato is cleaned, washed and diced, then boiled in a bowl with water and a pinch of salt. In a large bowl we will put tofu cut into small cubes or crushed by hand beforehand. When the potato is well cooked, drain the water, add over the tofu, sprinkle the turmeric powder and mix. Peel an onion, wash and chop finely. Add vegetable mayonnaise, black salt and onion, mix well.
It can be served on toast or as such, as an appetizer or with a tomato salad.

Papara / Omelette

ingredients (2 servings)

  • 1 block of tofu of 300 g (plain or smoked)
  • Turmeric / turmeric (a teaspoonful)
  • Black salt (a teaspoon tip)
  • Oil

Put a little oil in a pan, then the block of tofu drained from the water will crush not too small (with a fork or by hand). Sprinkle turmeric, black salt over the tofu and mix well with a wooden spoon for 2 minutes or more, depending on your preferences. It can be consumed as such, it can be added to lettuce soup or in various combinations.

Advice: for a more authentic egg taste, add black salt after cooking.

  • you can fry onions (or other vegetables) in the pan and then add tofu + turmeric + black salt
  • you can add a little grated or diced vegetable cheese, towards the end, just enough to melt
  • inactive yeast flakes can be added on top, depending on preference
  • for a stronger egg flavor, add black salt only at the end.

Tofu & # 8211 tofu & # 8211 tofu starch & # 8211 a cholesterol-free alternative

Eggless bread (friganele / french toast / bundas kenyer)

ingredients (2 servings)

  • Half sliced ​​bread, preferably at least one day old (not soft)
  • Flour (wheat, wholemeal, rye, chickpea or other)
  • The water
  • Black salt (a powder)
  • Turmeric / turmeric
  • Sugar (a powder)
  • * Optional: inactive yeast flakes


Mix the flour with the salt, sugar and black salt in a large bowl (wider, not necessarily deep). Add water little by little until you get a soft maglavais, the consistency of pancake dough. Put a pan with oil on the fire and, with a fork, add a slice of bread in the maglavais, turn to cover well, then drain lightly and put in the pan, where it will be browned on both sides. Do the same with the rest of the slices until the bread or mixture is exhausted.
It can be served as such or with jam, marmalade, peanut butter, but they are also delicious with salads or tofu cream, or served with cheeses and vegan sausages.
maglavais * = maglaváis, maglavaisuri, s.n. - (reg.) Mixture, mixture. - From the German mackelweiβ



  • Flour
  • Water (or optional vegetable milk)
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Turmeric / turmeric
  • Oil
  • Good pancake pan
  • * Optional vanilla or lemon essence
  • Jam or jam (for serving)


In a tall bowl, mix the flour with a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of sugar, half a teaspoon of turmeric and gradually add water or vegetable milk, mix well or mix until a composition is obtained (maglavais ) soft and more fluid than thick.
You can use a little oil in the pancake pan, then add the maglavais and rotate the pan to cover the entire surface. The pancakes are made over low heat, so as not to dry out, and they are prepared one by one.
They can be served sweet or salty, or consumed as such.

Vegetable mayonnaise ** bonus **


  • ¼ lgț turmeric / turmeric (or: 30 g boiled carrot or pumpkin & # 8211 for color)
  • 1 lgț mustard
  • ½ lgț salt "kala namak" (Himalayan black salt)
  • 1 lb lemon juice (optional)
  • 100 ml soy milk
  • 200 ml sunflower oil (or other type)


Add all the ingredients in a bowl. Put the blender in the container and turn it on, lifting it slightly.

If you want to prepare a smaller amount, use a 1: 2 ratio, ie a measure of soy milk to 2 measures of oil, only halving the quantities (eg 50 ml of soy milk & # 8211 100 ml of oil).

Stuffed eggs ** EXTRA BONUS **

Medium to high complexity

  • 750 ml vegetable sugar-free milk (almonds, soy, rice, cashews, etc.) for 14 "eggs" of 8 cm
  • 1 lg agar agar powder (1 teaspoon to 250 ml liquid)
  • 1/4 lgț salt kala namak
  • 200 g green lentils (chickpeas, red lentils or tofu)
  • 200 g white potatoes
  • 1/4 lb dry thyme
  • 1/4 lgt onion flakes (or onion grated and drained & # 8211 to taste)
  • 1/4 lg of garlic powder
  • 1 lgț turmeric
  • 1/2 lgț salt kala namak
  • 1 teaspoon mustard
  • 1/4 lb salt kala namak (with natural boiled egg taste)
  • 100 ml soy milk
  • 200 ml of sunflower oil


Measure how much liquid enters the egg molds. You may need less milk. (1 teaspoon of agar-agar will harden 250 ml of liquid) & # 8211 mix the agar-agar with the milk and boil for 5 minutes, stirring constantly so that it does not stick. The liquid for & # 8220whites & # 8221 will be poured close and carefully to avoid the formation of air bubbles. Leave for about an hour at room temperature or half an hour in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, prepare the lentil puree with the blender, and the potatoes with a sieve or fork (if the blender is used, the potatoes will become sticky). In a mortar or coffee grinder mix: thyme, onion flakes, garlic powder, turmeric and kala namak salt. The spice mixture is added over the lentil and potato puree and will be filled with 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable mayonnaise or more, until the desired consistency is reached. Mustard and salt can be added to taste. When the "egg whites" have hardened, while they are still in shape, they will be pressed in the middle with the lid of a plastic bottle to outline a circle and the place of the "yolk" will be hollowed out with a teaspoon. Eggs can be filled using a pastry bag or a teaspoon.

Other ways to replace eggs

Eggs can be avoided in almost all egg recipes, whether they are recipes for cakes or pastries, baked goods or omelette / papara. If necessary, binding substitutes can be used such as: apple puree / paste, banana puree, ground and soaked flax seeds, soaked chia seeds, soaked psyllium bran, soy lecithin, corn starch, tofu, etc. . Egg white can be replaced with aquafaba for fluffy meringues or cakes. Even stuffed eggs can be veganized (see here).

Egg alternatives for different uses

Every meal without eggs can save a hen!

Chickens can live happily ever after when we make simple changes in food choices, while still enjoying our favorite recipes, looking for the vegan alternative.

Energetic, healthy and delicious vegetarian breakfast ready in 5 minutes - It lifts your spirits

How do you wake up in the morning?
Easy, hard?
Are you grumpy, nervous, tired?
Maybe you have nausea and your stomach hurts.
As it has been for me for more than 30 years. I know a lot of people who feel really bad physically in the morning.
This is not a good sign. It means something is wrong with your life.
When you are physically ill, you are mentally ill. And vice versa.
But I hope you're not sick and that you're not in a bad mood in general.

If you're a morning person, I'm glad for you.

I would sleep up to 12 every day of my life, no matter what time I went to bed.
But I never do that.
Look, it's 4:15 in the morning and I've been standing for a while.
I'm not saying I wake up every day at this time, no. I usually wake up between 5:30 and 6:00.
Although I don't want to. Not.

The day has 24 hours and I have too much to do. I would sleep, but I don't have time.
It's hard for me to wake up. It's not that I jump out of bed and hop, I'm full of energy and happiness.
No, on the contrary. But I do it anyway.

  • Because we have responsibilities and duties.
  • Because we have to go to school or work.
  • Because I had a family to support.
  • Because we have to take the kids to school.
  • Because we are building a house or we have to take care of someone who is sick.

For all these reasons, and many others that are not on this list, breakfast is the most important snack of the day.
When you look at breakfast you have to smile already.

Make your own coffee - natural coffee from ground beans. You don't need a car, you don't need mocha. Make it in the kettle, on the fire.
The smell that will spread will automatically make you happy.
You don't have to drink it if you don't like it, just do it. Do a little just for the smell.
Do it first. Don't drink it, inhale the smell while you prepare something to eat.

Although it's hard for me to wake up, I'm never grumpy in the morning. On the contrary, I smile. I only smile at the thought of having a hearty breakfast because I DESERVE it.

And you deserve it only because you get informed and look for ideas to make you feel better.

Have you heard of porridge?
Porridge are raw cereal flakes, ground either thick or fine. (Halal grammar.)
They are usually a mixture, but they can also be oatmeal.
It has been the breakfast of the English since antiquity.
And believe me, of all their dishes, this is the best.

In addition to being extremely healthy, porridge is very nutritious and is made in a maximum of 4 minutes. You don't need any experience in the kitchen.

Do you know how to turn on the stove or turn it on in the microwave?
That's all you need to know to cook this breakfast.

Have you ever eaten?
If not, you should start now.
It lifts your INSTANT morale.
If you usually avoid eating in the morning because you are sick, eat porridge and your nausea will go away like a fish.
I speak from experience.
It took me 30 years to discover this miracle of breakfast.
That this is: a pure miracle.

The porridge is fabulous in the winter. It physically warms you up if it's hot. That's how they eat porridge, hot or hot-hot. Do not allow to cool for 15 minutes and do not cook 1 hour before or leave in the evening.
Porridge is an instant snack.

Porridge can be served at any time of the day or night, not just for breakfast.
I eat it in the evening instead of dinner and during the day when I want something good in 2 minutes.

Porridge is great in diets - if you don't add sugar.

Oatmeal, no, charges you with energy for a whole day.

With flower petals. Have you ever eaten? Sublime!
Porridge is found in bags all over the world, including in Romania.
Maybe he doesn't write porridge on the bag because we don't have this culture. Write flakes of something, usually eggs.
Look for them on the breakfast shelves.
Take the finest, they are better, I say. But it depends on tastes.

Don't buy porridge with fruit or other wonders. Too many chemicals.
If you want to enrich it, I'll give you some fabulous ideas now.

Porridge is made with cow's (or goat's) milk or vegetable milk.
It can be served simply with sugar, honey or maple syrup (dandelion, etc.), but can be enriched with everything you can think of, including salty ingredients such as cheese, olives, salami and more.

  • Chocolate: flakes or pieces, white or black
  • Raffello or other melting chocolates. Not the hard sugar ones. Maybe not Mon Chéri or other alcohol candies. At least not in the morning, you're just not an alcoholic!
  • Fresh fruits: apples, pears, mangoes, avocados, bananas, strawberries, berries, grapes, kiwis, etc. Not citrus
  • Dried fruits, including nuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, etc.
  • Frozen fruits
  • Seeds of: sunflower, pumpkin, flax, sesame, etc.

I have a mixture of dried fruit with bananas, goji, different raisins, blueberries, cranberries, coconut, orange peel, and I do not know what. I don't like bananas from this mix. I do not know why. They don't seem to have any taste.
Raisins are my absolute favorites.
I love raisins, that's why I put them in many sweet and savory dishes.

I recently finished the raisins and didn't notice. It never occurred to me not to have raisins in the house.
And I wanted a raisin porridge.
I was just desperate that it was 5 in the morning and still nothing open nearby. Plus I didn't feel like going anywhere.
I opened the goodies drawer and found raisins in chocolate.
That's all I needed.

What a delicious idea. What a wonder. The combination of chocolate and raisins in porridge charmed me.
It lifted my spirits instantly!
Here's why this post.

  • You get a cup of hot or cold milk, it doesn't matter. Cow, goat or vegetable. About 200 ml. If you do it in the microwave, use a bowl. If you make it on the fire, use a kettle or saucepan.
  • Put 4-5 tablespoons of oatmeal in the milk poured into the appropriate container, mix well and simmer for 4 minutes on low heat and 2 in the microwave.
  • Put 3 tablespoons of raisins in chocolate, mix and eat hot to slap your throat. How do I do it. I recommend letting it cool down a bit because it's not good for your teeth.

Obviously you can add other ingredients from the lists above, especially a slightly fried ground walnut.

I don't like sweet and I don't put sugar at all. But you can put.

Salty versions of porridge are not in my diet yet.

The photos are from Pixabay except for 3 that are mine.
I don't take photos of all the dishes but I assure you that I tried all the garnishes you see in these pictures.


The preparation was done at Multicooker (with the above quantities you reach 4 to 5l in the tub - about 10 medium to large portions).

1. Frying program (Fry) - 15min:
Make the minced meat first - 15 minutes frying in its own juice (do not add oil or anything else). Chew for a few minutes. We aim to grind the meat and make the red color disappear. At the end, drain the juice / fat.
While waiting (or even before), prepare all the ingredients, make the spice mix, grate the cheese, cut the onion and tomatoes.

2. Boil program - 5min:
Add to the meat the tomato juice, tomatoes, corn, finely chopped onion, spices and about two large glasses of water (so all the other ingredients except pasta and cheese). After the appliance comes to a boil, leave for 2-3 minutes.

3. Low temperature cooking program (Stew) - 15min:
Add the pasta. We mix. If necessary, add more water (a glass) but not too much. Pasta will draw water, but it is also made from steam - it does not have to be covered by water. Now balance the consistency - better less water and if necessary add tomato juice towards the end of the program.
Try to see if the pasta is the way you want it (if so, interrupt the program earlier) and add more salt if necessary.

4. After completing program 3, add the grated cheese and mix.
It can be served after 2-3 minutes - enough to melt the cheese.

Sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top on the plate. Offer chilli separately for those who want a hyper-Mexican experience.

Mexican food and drinks

Tortilla & ndash is Mexican bread, not absent from the table, made from wheat (in the northern regions, where the rain is insufficient for corn crops) or corn (in the rest of the country).

Guacamole & ndash chopped avocado, to which are added chopped tomatoes and onions. Guacamole has many uses: it can be tortilla sauce or an ingredient in fresh salads.

Salsa & ndash is a sauce that contains tomatoes, onions, hot peppers and coriander leaves. It is very popular throughout Mexico and accompanies almost every meal.

Taco & ndash is a traditional Mexican dish, composed of a corn tortilla, folded, inside which is a composition (guacamole, salsa, onion, meat, etc.). Taco has become very popular in the United States, where it consists of a tortilla. extra large, full of meat (beef, chicken or pork), cheese, salad and tomatoes. Often, the taco is fried so that the tortilla wraps around the composition.

Burrito & ndash minced meat composition, wrapped in a thin wheat tortilla. In the United States, the composition also includes rice, beans, salad, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole, cheese, the result being more voluminous. In addition, the tortilla is often boiled or fried, to become softer and more foldable.

Enchilada & ndash is composed of a corn tortilla, soaked in hot oil and spicy sauce and filled with almost anything, according to preference: meat, cheese, vegetables, seafood, eggs and even bananas.

Pulque & ndash a drink made from the fermented juice of a plant.

Tequila & ndash spirits loved by both Mexicans and foreigners, made from a plant (agave).

Mexico is known for its hot chocolate, mixed with the traditional molinillo (a wooden spoon carved). The Aztecs reserved this drink for kings, but the Spaniards added sugar and cinnamon and liberalized its consumption.

Copyright ROmedic: The article is under copyright protection. Reproduction, even partial, is prohibited!

Sos mexican Enchilada

Mexican Enchilada sauce, a delicious, aromatic and spicy dish due to the hot pepper, chipotle. There are several variants of Enchilada sauce, including white and green.

Enchilada comes from the Spanish verb "enchilar" which means to add chili. The preparation itself is made from corn tortillas stuffed with a meat filling and placed in a tray, covered with a sauce made from a mixture of tomatoes and chili and then baked. The idea for this dish also comes from the Mayans, but it was prepared after the arrival of the Spaniards in the Yucatan Peninsula. I leave here my version of Enchilada with zucchini and chicken.

Mexican cuisine is full of delicious and fragrant food and is loved by people all over the world. But there is something that gives an even more special taste to these Mexican dishes - the sauces, of course!

Mexican sauces tend to be very spicy, but the degree of seasoning varies greatly, depending on the types of peppers used to create them.

Mexican cuisine has little to do with the food served in Mexican restaurants abroad. For many tourists, the first experience of real Mexican food is a big surprise - there are no waiters with wide-brimmed hats, margaritas with various flavors or nachos with cheese on the menu. Authentic Mexican food is fresh, simple, often made with local ingredients, and most likely, someone's mother will be the master of ceremonies in the kitchen.

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Egg recipes

Here you will find egg recipes for you to prepare the tastiest dishes with this ingredient. With the help of these egg recipes you will learn how to prepare stuffed eggs, quail eggs or other egg specialties.

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    I have a big problem. I was left with a lot of boiled Easter eggs. So, out of the desire to consume them quickly, not to spoil.

    A fluffy cake with 4 eggs is a great idea, if you don't know what desserts to prepare for your family. The cake is fragrant and.

    Are you looking for the best omelette recipe? Fluffy omelet has become one of the most beloved dishes in the world because it can be cooked in.

    The celebration of St. Valentine, a tradition with ancient Roman and Christian roots, has become increasingly popular.

    Breakfast is a very important meal - it can either make or break your day.

    Every year, the magic of Christmas envelops us and we are not only happy to decorate our house as beautifully as possible, but also to surprise them.

    Pancakes are the most popular dessert among adults and children, because they are very easy to prepare and can be so sweet.

    C & acircnd you want to offer your loved ones a tasty and nutritious dish, without having to spend a lot of time & icircn.

    Cozonac has a long history, and the recipes that have reached a perfect taste have evolved over hundreds of years.

    For a unique Easter menu, use some international recipes with confidence. & Icircn in the article below.

    A balanced diet is one of the safest ways to make sure you can give your baby milk.

    Mexican meatballs

    1 kg of pork, minced
    1 large onion
    2 eggs
    1 tablespoon broth
    2 cloves of garlic
    2-3 hot peppers
    1 suitable carrot
    1 small potato
    1 small celery
    greenery (tarragon or dill)
    frying oil
    salt and pepper to taste

    Method of preparation:

    1. Chop the hot peppers, carrots, potatoes, celery, greens and garlic. Finely chop the onion.

    2. Pork should be mixed with pre-chopped vegetables. Add eggs and broth. Stir well. Add salt and pepper to taste.

    3. Make round meatballs the size of walnuts from this mixture. Fry them in hot oil.

    Eve's Tip: You can also use pork mixed with beef or just chicken.

    Mexican Eggs - Recipes

    A quick and tasty idea for a Swedish buffet is the recipe for stuffed eggs. Whether they are stuffed with mayonnaise, pate or fish paste, they are just as tasty.

    Boiled eggs are cut in half (long).

    Remove the yolks and mix well with mayonnaise, salt and white pepper.

    Fill the egg white halves with the mixture of mayonnaise and yolks, decorate with parsley leaves and pop with great appetite :)

    If you want another version of stuffed eggs (without mayonnaise), I recommend you try stuffed eggs with pate.

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    Dia, serve as much as you want :) Kiss you!

    I don't even know when I last made them! these simple recipes are the best ... keep the taste of childhood in them! many kisses

    And I have such simple recipes that I don't know why I end up making them quite rarely :( Kisses and nice evening!

    Thank you so much for reminding me that I'm not broke either, but I promise to do it soon that you made me want to!

    Teo, if the holidays are approaching, you have the opportunity to do them :) I decided in the future to test other combinations of stuffed eggs, because they are made quickly and go well at a festive meal :)
    Pleasant evening!

    That's Adina! Thanks for visiting!

    I like stuffed eggs. Yammy

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    20 eggs and 4 good snack ideas

    I must tell you that I have always liked eggs and also that I have never followed the recommended (so-called) daily dose. I read and re-read studies, articles, books, newspapers, textbooks, brochures, but I did not find anywhere, black on white, that more than X eggs a day spoils your health but only effects pOSSIBLE on the body, without clearly supported evidence (statistical, cause-effect).

    And if I still didn't find anything definite, I also said that it's as possible to eat as much as I want (omelet of 6-8 eggs is not much, right?).

    The problem with commercial eggs comes down, in the end, to you are what you eat. That's about the problem with chickens (I mean animals). If you do not have a provider from country it is possible to eat chicken eggs fed with fish bone powder or other enzymes such as. Even if the hens did not make scales and did not start scuba-diving (I hope) the quality of their almost spherical production decreased drastically.

    If you like it too, you're in luck - Agricola has released two new products, or rather, food innovations - Heart Eggs and Eye Eggs, they say. Besides the name catchy, the eggs come from chickens raised and fed in the conditions of a 5-star resort in Turkey, but without the excesses enjoyed by foreign tourists. Also, for those with rich imagination, I want to mention that the eggs are chicken, do not hide surprises that you have to assemble, do not stare at you and do not behave like a loving partner that you can not get rid of.

    The eye-catching eggs are naturally enriched with lutein and come from chickens fed a mix of fodder containing alfalfa. This means that through constant consumption, there is the possibility to improve your vision, a fairly important sense, I think. Unofficial sources say night vision can also be improved, with alfalfa-fed chickens being less affected by chicken blindness, limited cases of farmers reporting that they have been fined for environmental protection because the hens in the yard are very active at night, fly at high altitudes and attack hawks (a protected species in Romania).

    The hearty eggs, naturally enriched with Omega 3 are also a novelty on the Romanian market (there are eggs artificially enriched with Omega 3), and they come from chickens fed with flax seeds, grapes and cereals. Omega 3 is a fatty acid that helps treat / prevent heart disease, and its consumption in food is the most appropriate, say doctors. Also, unknown farmers said that they were healed of a bad heart and lost love.

    Because I care about the quality of the food I eat, both me and my family, I used the two innovations of Agricola in a series of very nice recipes, with which to start your day… or night, as the case may be.

    They are a very good variant of a complete breakfast, rich in Omega 3 and full. They also make guests laugh when they notice that there is more egg than meatball.

    I boiled 3 Heartless Eggs, cleaned them and set them aside.

    I took 250 grams of fresh pork sausages, took the meat out of them (I threw away the intestine) and put it between two pieces of plastic wrap. I rolled it with the torch until it reached ½ cm in thickness.

    I took a third of the meat with wet hands (otherwise it sticks), I put the egg in the center and covered it on all sides. I repeated 3 times.

    Then I proceeded as for Schnitzel, I passed through flour, egg and breadcrumbs and I fried in an oil bath until they took on color.

    I served them with toast sprinkled with oil and oregano and cherry tomatoes.

    Because it's hot in Mexico and the heart has to work properly, I took 3 Heartless Eggs from Agricola, and put them on the table (because the recipe doesn't start with them).

    I hardened a diced onion, 1 clove of garlic, and some finely chopped hot peppers in olive oil. I added a diced tomato, half a red pepper and half a green pepper and let it soften. I put a cup of Salsa sauce (if you don't have it, you can put tomato juice, diced tomato broth, broth, etc.) and let it bind on the fire.

    I broke 3 eggs on top and put in the oven heated to 200 degrees for 5 minutes (or until the eggs reach the desired consistency).

    They go perfectly with Tortilla Chips, the spicy sauce under the eyes being perfect to be eaten with them.

    Here the essential fats from avocado combine perfectly with the Lutein contained in the Eyey Eye eggs, being a super healthy breakfast.

    I took an avocado, cut it in half, took out the seeds and dug both sides with a spoon so as to enlarge the hole in which the seeds stood. I placed them in a tray on two circles made of aluminum foil (so that they do not move), I put an egg in the hole, salt, pepper and hot paprika and I put it in the oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes (or until the egg whites ripen).

    For more taste, I fried some ham crispy, cut it into cubes and sprinkled it on top.

    Agricola's Eye Eggs helped me make probably the best breakfast that convinces kids to eat their vegetables.

    I cut, cleaned, washed (upside down) a red and a white pepper, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and I grated a carrot. I greased the muffin tins with oil and put each of the vegetables in the specially arranged places.

    I beat 12 egg yolks with a quarter cup of milk and generously added salt and pepper (vegetables are unsalted).

    I poured the egg composition into the forms full of vegetables and put it in the oven heated to 180 degrees for 20 minutes (or until the color on top).

    I hope you liked the recipe ideas with eggs and if you feel like it, try the new eggs from Agricola, which I also used.

    Also, try, maybe, not to make me & # 8211 a box of eggs can be used several times and not just at one table.

    Video: Αβγά Shakshuka Επ. 29. Kitchen Lab TV. Άκης Πετρετζίκης (May 2022).