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Pappardelle with sausage ragout

Pappardelle with sausage ragout

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Recipe Pappardelle with sausage ragout of of 13-04-2013 [Updated on 01-06-2016]

Sausage ragù is one of my favorite condiments for Sunday lunch, if you then prepare the dish with fresh pasta and sprinkle it all with grated pecorino then it becomes a royal dish;) If you are looking for a first course for tomorrow, maybe the recipe for my pappardelle with sausage ragù can come in handy, the sauce is prepared in advance and then at the right time is heated, the pasta is seasoned and we all sit at the table. Fortunately, the good weather continues and I, as usual, take this opportunity to take Elisa for a walk, so I say hello and go get ready, we'll read later, kisses.


How to make pappardelle with sausage ragout

Prepare a mince with celery, carrot and onion. Fry the mince obtained in a saucepan with oil.

Now add the crumbled sausage and brown for a few minutes

Add salt and add the red wine

Add the tomato paste and then the tomato puree

Cook the sausage ragout for 2 hours over low heat, covering the pot with the lid

Then season the pasta, in my case, with egg pappardelle with your sausage ragu

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