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Ramen recipe of of 03-05-2018 [Updated on 30-09-2018]

The ramen It is a dish of Chinese origins but, since the 1980s, it has spread so much in Japan that it has become an icon of Japanese cuisine. Ramen is basically a noodle soup served in meat and / or fish broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso and with the addition of other ingredients such as pork nibuta, seaweed, eggs and so on.
Unlike what is thought here in Italy, during my trip to Tokyo I discovered that there is a great variety of ramen in Japan, mainly there are 4 types and vary according to the broth and seasoning used: Shio (light and salty broth), Tonkotsu (a white broth made with pork bones), shoyu (a very dark chicken and vegetable broth with added soy sauce) e Miso (a broth with a very strong flavor with a strong prevalence of miso, a condiment derived from yellow soybeans).
For my first experiment I was inspired by Ramen recipe proposed by the book I already told you about a few days ago ("Tokyo the cult recipes") and I started with a dashi broth base that I flavored with sesame oil, leek, soy sauce, pepper and then served with noodles , eggs and pork slices. For the first time I can feel really satisfied!
I recommend, for cooking the noodles, follow the times indicated on the package and, when yours Japanese soup it will be ready, bring it to the table immediately because otherwise it will lose consistency and flavor. Obviously it will be hot but ramen should be eaten just like that, hot! I leave you to the recipe and if you have suggestions, variations, improvements to make, come forward, I plan to try other versions and I have all the desire to improve;) Basins: *

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How to make Ramen

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