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Muffins with pistachios and mortadella

Muffins with pistachios and mortadella

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Muffin recipe with pistachios and mortadella di of 19-02-2019

With i muffins with pistachios and mortadella I have overcome myself and I could finally have definitively defeated my idiosyncrasy for mortadella, because I must admit that combined with pistachio pesto definitely makes a good impression. To prepare them, I started from my pesto muffin recipe and I adapted it a little bit: essentially I replaced the pecorino with the parmesan to not cover the delicate flavor of the pistachios, and obviously I put the Pistachio pesto instead of basil.
of pistachio muffins soft and tasty at the right point: if, like me, you are a pistachio lover, I highly recommend them, because they are really fantastic and I bet they will make you look great with your guests!


How to make muffins with pistachios and mortadella

Cook the pistachios for 5 minutes in already boiling water. Drain them, dry them and remove the cuticles.
Finely chop them in a blender, then add salt, oil and Parmesan cheese and finally the water, blending until everything is mixed well.

Cut smoked cheese and mortadella into squares.

Mix flour, baking powder, Parmesan, salt and scamorza cheese in a bowl.
Add milk, eggs, pesto and mix.
Finally, add the mortadella too.

Pour the mixture into the cups, filling them up to three quarters, and cook for about 20 minutes in a preheated convection oven at 180 ° C.

The muffins with pistachios and mortadella are ready: you can serve them hot, lukewarm or even freeddi.

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