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Squid with lemon

Squid with lemon

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Calamari with lemon recipe by of 16-08-2016 [Updated on 16-08-2016]

Squid with lemon are a quick and tasty second course, which combines the sweet flavor of squid with the citrus freshness of lemon. A dish that smells of summer, of outdoor dining, of the sea, which is prepared in a short time and will be appreciated by all. I serve the squid with lemon both hot and cold salads, let yourself be guided by your palate;) Last night, I cooked a 1.2 kg oceanic one, made in rods and fried, very good! How's girls going this summer? I hope you are having fun and above all relaxing, here a lot of sun, sea and relaxation. A kiss my friends and we'll read tomorrow with a new recipe: *


How to make lemon squid

Cut the squid into rings. Fry the garlic in a non-stick pan with a little oil, then add the squid too.

Start cooking by letting it flavor well, then add the lemon juice.

Let it shrink a little, then add grated lemon peel and chopped parsley.

Let it cook for a minute, let it cool, then serve the squid with lemon.

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