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Duo chicken and veal roll, with carrot puree and cranberry jam with hot peppers

Duo chicken and veal roll, with carrot puree and cranberry jam with hot peppers

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* For starters we prepare the meat like this:

1. Cut in half a large piece of chicken breast. Each half of the result is split in two, all the way, but not completely, just as much as when we open it to get a large sheet of meat.

2. Place each piece of meat in turn between two bags. Beat it well with the hammer until you get a thin sheet. Do the same with the others.

3. Season the resulting sheets with salt and pepper and set them aside.

4. Beat the pieces of veal well between two bags, then season them with salt and pepper.

* Now prepare the omelette with spinach: 1. Put a little oil in a pan, fry a little chopped garlic clove, then put the spinach and cook for about 3 minutes. 2. In a bowl, break the eggs, beat them well with a fork and add the spinach. Mix lightly, then pour the mixture into a pan in which I put a little oil. 3. Fry the omelette lightly on the right heat, then turn it on the other side. When it is brown on both sides, turn it over with a plate. Put it aside. * We start to assemble the rolls like this: 1. On an aluminum foil we place a sheet of chicken breast and sprinkle over it a little cheese and a little chopped basil.

2. Place over the veal and sprinkle with cheese and bucuioc again.

3. Then put the omelette sheet and start rolling tightly; we use aluminum foil. 4. After wrapping everything tightly in aluminum foil, seal the ends well.

5. Place the rolls formed in a tray and put water up to the middle of the tray.

6. Bake the pan on medium heat for 30-35 minutes.

7. When the baking time has passed, remove the rolls from the tray and let them cool down a bit, then remove the aluminum foil. When serving, slice the rolls into thick slices. * While the rolls are in the oven, prepare the carrot puree as follows: 1. Put the cleaned carrots, wash well and cut into larger pieces in a pot to boil with water and salt.

2. When they are penetrated, we strain them from the water, but we keep the water.

3. Put them in a bowl, add the nutmeg and pass them well, well, well with a blender. Submerge the puree with water in which they boiled until it has a suitable consistency neither too thick nor too soft.

We keep it warm.

* We start to prepare the plate like this: We put on the plate about 2-3 tablespoons of carrot puree, on top we place slices of duet roll (3-4 per serving, as many as you want), next to it we put a little cranberry jam with hot peppers, a little salad plants sprinkled with lemon juice and for decoration, but also taste, and finally a few green peas. That was it ... I wish you all the best!

Hot pepper jam with cranberries

Ingredient: -1 kg. Of green, red, yellow hot peppers, as colorful as possible (when I prepared this recipe I only found green, but if you find it colorful it's great) -0.5 l vinegar -1 cup half sugar -2 teaspoons sea ​​salt -2-3 cloves -1 cinnamon stick -1 jar of commercial cranberry jam (can also be fresh or dehydrated)

Method of preparation: 1.Wash the hot peppers and clean them of seeds. I give you two options; cut them in half and clean them of seeds with a teaspoon, or, cut them into rounds and put them in a strainer where you wash them hard until they are cleaned of seeds. work with your bare hands. Then put them in a blender to chop.

2. Put the vinegar and sugar in a bowl on the fire to boil until it binds. Put the salt, the cloves and the cinnamon stick.

3. Put the cranberry jam (or cranberries) in the boiling syrup. Leave it for about 5-10 minutes, then add the hot peppers.

4. Let it boil and in the meantime check if it is ready like this: put a few drops of syrup on a cold plate; if the syrup looks like a pearl then the jam is ready and we pull the pot off the heat.

5. We put cold or hot jam in jars, I say it doesn't matter, and we close the jars.

As a complement, the taste of cranberry jam on the market is fuller, more aromatic, more special. How long will I find on the shelves of stores this cranberry jam, hot pepper jam I will prepare only with it. I really like: -)

Have a quick appetite!

alt = "Vegetable_salad_with_chicken_bread_and_Olives" /> Vegetable salad with chicken breast and olives from: peas eat tout, oil, salt, pepper, chicken breast fillets, salad, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber, onion, garlic, balsamic vinegar, sugar, mustard and olives. Ingredients: 150 g peas eat tout 6 tablespoons oil salt pepper 600 g chicken breast fillets 1 rosemary salad… /> Dumplings au gratin from: butter, flour, eggs, cheese, water, flour, milk, salt, pepper, nutmeg, cheese si marar. Ingredients: for the dough: 125 g butter 250 g flour 8 eggs 50 g cheese 500 ml water for the sauce: 100 g flour 100 g butter 1.5 l milk salt pepper nutmeg for gratin: 100 g grated cheese 30 g…

Duo chicken and veal roll, with carrot puree and cranberry jam with hot peppers - Recipes

A lot of things and problems arise every day, as if I'm getting used to it now, on the eve of the winter holidays, and I had dinner ready.
Potatoes and broccoli, plus a bag of breaded squid rings from Ocean Fish, new to the market, that's about all I had.
I quickly made a dill sauce and had a very tasty, light and healthy dinner.

a bag of squid rings breaded by Ocean Fish (500g),
500g white potatoes,
500g broccoli,
cabbage spices,
salt and pepper.

For dill sauce:
1 tablespoon butter,
2 tablespoons flour,
1 cup warm milk,
2-3 tablespoons sour cream,
a dill bunch,
salt and white pepper.

Puree: I cleaned the potatoes, washed them and cut them into small pieces. I boiled them in salted water.
I passed broccoli under a stream of cold water and cut its bouquets.
When the potatoes were almost ready, after about 20 minutes, I put the broccoli bunches and left them for 8 minutes.
When they were ready, I turned off the heat, threw water on them and seasoned them with salt and pepper, plus spices for cabbage.
I used the vertical mixer to get a fine puree.

I also put a few pieces of butter and seasoned with spices for cabbage dishes - very good and suitable!

I put a stainless steel ring in the center of a plate and filled it with puree.

Romana breaded squid rings from Ocean Fish is a new product, just launched on the market !! I'm glad to be among the first to try it -)

The rings can be fried in oil or baked in the oven. I followed the instructions on the package and placed the rings in a tray lined with baking paper.

and I left them exactly 8 minutes at 200 degrees C.
Then I took out the tray and set it aside.

Dill sauce: I melted the butter, added flour, mixed quickly and poured hot milk. I continued to mix until the sauce thickened. I put the cream and dill, then I fired.

On the plate with mashed potatoes and broccoli, with the help of the kitchen brush I drew with dill sauce, then around the puree I placed squid rings.
I garnished with half a slice of lemon.

Very good, very tasty, everyone put an extraportion of dill sauce, it went great with squid rings.


super looks and very tasty, one day put

A goodness is perfect with the garnish you made..I like it! I love squid rings :-P
pleasant weekend .. hello!

Duo chicken and veal roll, with carrot puree and cranberry jam with hot peppers - Recipes

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This table is a personal appreciation and use and belongs to @ Cata's Blog.

The glycemic index and the glycemic load are two different things and it is important to know how to tell the difference between them. Thus, both the quality and the quantity of carbohydrates determine a person's glycemic response to a food. By definition, the glycemic index compares equal amounts of carbohydrates available in food and provides a measure of carbohydrate quality. The carbohydrates available in a food are calculated by adding up the amounts of sugar, starch, oligosaccharides and maltodextrins in the food.

Glycemic load, on the other hand, seems to be the product of the glycemic index and the total carbohydrate content per 100 grams. Unlike the glycemic index, the glycemic load is a more relevant calculation, as it refers to the recommended portions.

Thus, 100 grams of cherries have a glycemic index of 22, while the glycemic load is only 3 (for a portion of 120 grams).

In the ketogenic diet, a low glycemic index of food is essential, and when it is transposed, by the size of a portion, into a glycemic load below 10, the risk of insulin increases is almost zero.

A glycemic load of more than 20 will always create insulin peaks.

Glycemic pregnancy, although a relatively new calculation, is of massive importance in clinical programs targeting metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, diabetes, and weight loss.

IG values:
IG low & lt55
Moderate GI - between 55 and 70
High GI - over 70

Glycemic load of a food:
Low CG = 10 or less
Moderate CG = 11-19
High CG = 20 or more

It is considered that a glycemic load per day (the total amount of GC of the portions ingested during the day) is low if it is less than 80. On the other hand, it is high if it is greater than 120.

Please note:
A low carb keto or low carb diet is healthy, but it doesn't necessarily mean weight loss. To achieve weight loss it is necessary to reduce the number of calories and only then keto or low carb diets will help you to lose weight faster.
You have more information here.

* the carbohydrates in my table are taken from the French site ciqual - are net carbohydrates so you need to add fiber if you want to have the whole number of carbohydrates.

It all depends on what you want to look for: net carbs (whole carbs - fiber) as in my chart or whole carbs (not listed in my chart).

I end with a table found on Facebook with the Glycemic Index of sweeteners (in French):

Friday, October 29, 2010

Apple cake very fast and easy to make

1 l soft apple puree
500 g biscuits for Tiramisu (Savoiardi)
250 ml of milk
1 tablespoon rum (or a few drops of natural vanilla essence)

For decoration
1) 250 ml unsweetened liquid cream
30 g grated chocolate
2) 1 gelatin sachet for decorating cakes
various fruits


To the mince add the raw egg, 1/2 teaspoon of fine salt, a knife tip with pepper, a teaspoon of dill or finely chopped parsley and mix well. Put a little oil in the frying pan, place the meatballs next to each other. After frying well.In a saucepan cut an onion, garlic and fry for 1 minute.Add the tomato sauce

The meatballs come off the pan so that the sauce enters under them. In the sauce add a bay leaf, a knife tip with oregono, dill or finely chopped parsley, sugar and salt to taste.Let it boil for 20 minutes, to form the sauce and lift the oil.Serve hot with mashed potatoes or rice (in my case)


New Year's Eve offers at restaurants in Bucharest & # 8211 part II

After going through the first round of New Year's Eve offerings, we thought we'd take another look at the backyard of Bucharest restaurants to see who else has something to offer on the night between 2015 and 2016. So, below we have prepared the second part of the list of restaurants in Bucharest that have prepared a special menu for New Year's Eve 2016.

Who does not have the plans made is invited to look and choose from the list below or from here.

The beautiful restaurant Casa Doina cooked and prepared a special New Year's menu, but also an artistic program. Casa Doina is one of the most impressive restaurants in the city, especially during the summer when we can wash in the huge garden, but the interior is not inferior either.

Menu at Casa Doina de New Year's Eve:

& # 8211 Smoked duck breast rice leaves beef tartan salad with eggplant and mint svaiter with grapes and turkey meatball with horseradish

& # 8211 Fish duo with rice pie and Capris sauce

& # 8211 Pumpkin cappuccino served with breadsticks

& # 8211 Torunedos Rossini with honey and ghibmir served with straw potatoes

Music will be provided by Daniel Ignat (The Rock) and Radu Vastag (Free Beer).

At Goccia, the restaurant in a beautiful house with large windows, New Year's Eve 2016 is prepared by young chef Mihai Toader. No artistic program, only culinary show with the following dishes:

Pork chop with Provence potatoes and mushroom sauce
Salmon with cauliflower puree and Manchurian caviar
Double biscuit with pear & ampmascarpone creams and fresh figs

At the restaurant on the street hidden by the chaos in the center of Bucharest, a New Year's Eve is being prepared with a bar menu and a rather generous drink offer and with the atmosphere left in the hands of a DJ. The menu sounds like this:

Cold buffet:
& # 8211 Caviar
& # 8211 Quiche with smoked salmon
& # 8211 Quiche with bacon and mushrooms
& # 8211 Tapenade (olives and anchovies)
& # 8211 Roll with ham and cheese
& # 8211 Bruschetta with beef and parmesan
& # 8211 Mozzarella and tomato skewers
& # 8211 Vol au vent with cheese and nuts
& # 8211 Cheese platter

Hot buffet:
& # 8211 Salmon with herbs
& # 8211 Beef roll with wooden ears and horseradish sauce
& # 8211 Pork fillets with mushroom sauce
& # 8211 Turkey skewers
& # 8211 Potatoes with green onions
& # 8211 Grilled vegetables
& # 8211 Cucumber and donut salad
& # 8211 Greek salad

& # 8211 Mini Cakes
& # 8211 Fruits

Acuarela Bufet is a colorful and cheerful bistro and in the same style the team here wants to make the big entrance in 2016. Thus, at Acuarel Bufet is preparing an electro-funk New Year's Eve with colorful balloons, a special menu prepared by chef Mike Moisei and party atmosphere provided by Heion. The menu sounds like this:

1. Snack & # 8211 the beginning
& # 8211 assortment of quiches & gt Zorba, Green eggs and ham, Smurfs & Porks
& # 8211 Prosciutto with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella Bocconcini with olive cake and basil pesto
& # 8211 spreads with tuna mousse
& # 8211 salad tabouleh
& # 8211 guacahumus
& # 8211 beef salad
& # 8211 Cheese lollipops with grapes
& # 8211 Milan chorizo ​​with smoked cheese

2. The snack hits again
& # 8211 cake with ham, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes
& # 8211 cake from different cheeses
& # 8211 croissant with ham and cheese
& # 8211 Pate en croute from duck and pork

3. Snack a new beginning
& # 8211 Beef sparrow marinated in pepper sauce with onion jam
& # 8211 pork leg and pork breast marinated in lime and oregano olive oil served with tzatziki sauce
& # 8211 Tiki Masala chicken in Tandori style with garlic, greens and Indian spices

4. Snack garnish
& # 8211 Ratatouille with garlic, white wine, rosemary and tomato sauce
& # 8211 Grilled potatoes rolled in pesto sauce
& # 8211 Bazmati rice with butter, onion, ginger, saffron and garlic
& # 8211 Greek cakes with plenty of butter and garlic

Price: 350 lei (before December 23) 400 lei / person (from December 24)

Journey Pub, the place with a decor inspired by the passion for travel, is preparing a themed New Year's Eve. Under the name & # 8222Round the World New Year & # 8217s Party & # 8221, at Journey you will find an evening with live DJ & # 8217s and an honorary buffet with the following menu:

& # 8211 Vol-au-vent with salmon pâté, with mushroom pâté, with salad
Russian and with cream cheese with raisins
& # 8211 Bruschetta with olive pâté, caprese salad and anchovies
& # 8211 Eggplant rolls & pumpkin amp
& # 8211 Caponata alla siciliana
& # 8211 Homemade potato chips

Main types & amp gaskets:

& # 8211 Sliced ​​beef with arugula and parmesan cheese
& # 8211 Chicken rolls with gorgonzola cream and soté mushrooms in wine
& # 8211 Baked salmon with champagne sauce
& # 8211 Sauteed potatoes with rosemary
& # 8211 Sauteed vegetables with cognac
& # 8211 Chinese rice

& # 8211 Mini cupcakes with cardamom and salted caramel
& # 8211 Mini eclairs with hazelnut cream
& # 8211 Mini eclairs with pistachio cream

Festive cake at midnight.

In addition to food, drink and music, Journey also prepares various other surprises and contests.

Price: 360 lei (50% advance until December 16)

At Octopus, the contemporary Mediterranean restaurant with fish delicacies and more, a menu is prepared in tune with the specifics of the restaurant. Thus, on the last night of 2015 and the first day of 2016, at Octopus in the menu you will find the following:

Foie Gras with figs
Prunes with almonds and bacon
Goat cheese with almonds and onion jam
Wrap smoked salmon
Grilled octopus
Tone tone
Beef roll with cheese

Salmon with miso sauce, ginger, sauteed spinach and Milanese risotto

Sarmale with duck and polenta with truffles

Pork tenderloin with edamame, wild mushrooms and red wine reduction

Mango cheese cake with strawberry mousse

& # 8211 Open Bar
& # 8211 Live Music + DJ Party

Price: 100 Euro / person * children pay full price

At Fumetto, the restaurant that is also a party space, New Year's Eve 2016 will be under the sign of magic. At least that's what the organizers thought, who prepared the following menu:

& # 8211 rose beef with horseradish sauce and arugula
& # 8211 baskets with mushroom cream and brie
& # 8211 Cups of tortilla with chicken salad
& # 8211 Shrimp skewers with Thai sauce
& # 8211 turkey terrine with spinach and ricotta
& # 8211 fresh octopus salad with spicy raspberry sauce
& # 8211 ham sticks

& # 8211 Duck breast with pumpkin puree, berries and foie gras
& # 8211 Sea bream fillets with broccoli, mint and asparagus mousse

The restaurant launched this year in a space with an airy decor and pleasing to the eye has also prepared a New Year's menu. At Chefs Experience guests receive the promise of a glamorous night with dance music until morning. And their open buffet menu looks something like this:

Salmon tartare
Duck with Coriander, Mango Salsa, Hot Pepper and Orange Peel, served with Microplant Salad and Rye Bread Crouton
Grongozola, Parmezan, Brie, Bresaola, Prosciutto and Nuca
Fried calamari
Olive Cream Tapenada on Carrot
Macarons with Poultry Liver Parfait with Fresh Currants
Homemade humus
Mac roll with Cheese and Pancetta

Salmon with Saffron Sauce
Mackerel fillets cooked in a cake, without oil
Shrimp with Truffle Sauce
Squid with Garlic Sauce and Lemon
Lamb with Pomegranate Sauce
Beef steak
Pork muscle
Chicken with Cauliflower
Traditional sarmale, served with Mamaliguta

Vegetables with Butter and Lemon Sauce
Broccoli with Garlic
Mashed Potatoes with Greens
Baked potatoes
Tomato Salad with Feta Cheese and Hot Pepper
Carrot Salad
Salad of raw vegetables
Pickled salad

Carrot Cake with Lime Frosting and Ricotta Cream
Homemade Chocolate Cake
Passion rum with Italian meringue
Blueberry and Levantica cheesecake
Biscuit Cake

A themed New Year's Eve is planned at Hard Rock Cafe. The organizers encourage the guests to take off their costume that will make them look as much as possible with their favorite rock star. & # 8222Celebrity Rocks & # 8221 is the name of the New Year's Eve party at Hard Rock Cafe and here is a buffet with the following dishes:

& # 8211 mini skewers with melon and ham
& # 8211 cups of cucumber with marinated salmon
& # 8211 selection of international cheeses
& # 8211 Patties with poultry liver pate, cranberry jam and red onion
& # 8211 Spread with beef muscle, horseradish sauce and fresh herbs
& # 8211 mini tarts with artichokes, parmesan and button
& # 8211 Couscous salad with baked pumpkin
& # 8211 rainbow salad with feta cheese, sprinkled with lemon sauce
& # 8211 Caesar salad with smoked salmon, crispy bacon and quail eggs
& # 8211 Mediterranean salad with seafood and red orange sauce

& # 8211 mutton skewers with port wine sauce
& # 8211 turkey breast roll, chorizo, olives and mushroom sauce
& # 8211 Grilled beef sparrow with chimichurri sauce
& # 8211 black cod fillets in crust of mashed pretzels with wine sauce and mustard
& # 8211 Pork chop with apple sauce and brandy calvados
& # 8211 Chicken breast wrapped in coconut flakes with mango chutney and chili
& # 8211 Smoked pork ribs with cherry sauce and barbecue
& # 8211 brussels sprouts in a pan with butter and sage
& # 8211 Parisian carrots baked with honey, oranges, cumin and thyme
& # 8211 basmati rice with saffron and baked pumpkin
& # 8211 Baked potatoes with butter, lemon and herbs

& # 8211 black mini with candied ginger
& # 8211 mini cakes
& # 8211 fresh fruit
& # 8211 chef's surprise chef

The atmosphere will be taken care of by the band HARA, the musicians from AVENUE and the DJ from Hard Rock Cafe, a night when the organizers say that there is a clear need for dance shoes.

At Tapo, New Year's Eve is seen as a chessboard and as a black and white game. In fact, these are the colors to follow for the dress code at the party in Tapo. And the menu of this playful night sounds something like this:

• Vietnamese rolls with sweet and sour shrimps
• Creekstone bresaola beef with arugula salad and parmesan
• Salmon caviar on white chocolate chips
• Duck tataki with bok choy leaves

Duo cannelloni: lamb ragu with Roquefort sauce and salmon with spinach & Dijon sauce fillings.
Red Tuna with confit potatoes, sautéed asparagus and Provencal sauce
Marinated duck breast, slow cooked, with crispy roasted mushrooms, milanese risotto and red wine sauce.

Price: 500 lei / person & # 8211 place at the bar 800 lei / person & # 8211 place at the table 300 lei / person only open bar, after 01:00 AM

At Madame Pogany's there is a themed party called New York, a name that can promise a fixed night like in American movies. At the New Year's Eve in Bucharest, Adrian Eftimie, MoonSound and Radu Crisan will take care of the music.

Without too many details about the menu, what we know are the following:

490 RON & # 8211 Dinner + Open Bar All-Night, from 20.30

Cold buffet: 20 mixed continental plates
Hot buffet: Turkey / Beef muscles / Fish fillets
Dessert buffet: 3 types of cakes + cheese & fruit amp
2 O & # 8217Clock Sour Soup

250 RON & # 8211 Late Night Birds Special: Open Bar only, from 23.30

At Tratoriile Buongiorno (Victoriei and Casa Lido), New Year's Eve 2016 is under the sign of Italian music. The organizers promise an evening with songs from belle Italia, DJ, fireworks, contests, surprises, but also food. Their menu looks like this:

& # 8211 raw ham with parmesan
& # 8211 Smoked duck breast served with onion jam
& # 8211 bruschetta with cherry tomatoes and anchovy fillets
& # 8211 Grilled shrimp with avocado sauce
& # 8211 salmon quiche
& # 8211 smoked trout on a bed of lemon
& # 8211 breasola
& # 8211 Gorgonzola cheese served with fig
& # 8211 Mozzarella and cherry tomato skewers with pesto sauce
& # 8211 Baked mushrooms stuffed with gorgonzola
& # 8211 salad mix

& # 8211 Sea bass fillet served with ghebe puree

& # 8211 Baked veal and pork muscles served with 3 types of mousse: carrot, pea with mint and potatoes with truffle paste

& # 8211 white chocolate mousse with raspberries and hazelnut pralines, dressed in meringue

Price: 370 lei / person groups of over 10 people benefit from a 10% discount regardless of the time of booking.

The Bistro J & # 8217ai Bistrot has decided to pay homage to the life of a New Year's Eve party called Viva la Vida on the night of 2015-2016 and is described as follows: & # 8222stars on a plate, flying pigs, egg omelette of the tortoise, the queen of England as a doorman, trains over trains kept by garden dwarfs enlivened only for this event, at J & # 8217ai you receive more and more of that. And on the night between & # 821715 and & # 821716. It's been a difficult year. Come and celebrate life together! With the best, you come with friendship and love, we put pleasure on the table & # 8221. Specifically, their menu is this:

Rolls with bacon, dates, gorgonzola and honey
Eggs stuffed with black caviar, smoked paprika, chives
Mozzarella skewers, cherry tomatoes, olives, basil
Chicken dumplings in nachos crust with cheese dip and spicy sauce
Beef meatballs with yogurt, garlic and mint dip
Cucumber with smoked salmon and cream cheese
Croutons with anchovies and capers
Croutons with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil
Rolls with Serrano ham, arugula and goat cheese
Carnivorous plate with pickled figs (chorizo, babic, gudem, prosciutto, traditional smoked bacon)
Cheese platter (homemade platter with brie, gorgonzola, cheddar, parmesan, nuts, grapes, cracker biscuits, fig and raspberry jam)
Baba ganoush salad (eggplant with tahini, yogurt and garlic)
Crispy bacon salad and vegetables (cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, endives, iceberg lettuce, carrots, red onions)
Salad with arugula, nuts, parmesan and grapes

Meringues with vanilla cream and mint strawberry syrup
Almonds with chocolate cream and rum
Assorted cakes

List of foods and calories per 100 g

Hazelnuts 682
Peanut 584
Seedless apricots 304
Pistachio 650
Chestnuts 400
Dates with seeds 326
Pumpkin (seeds) 572
Sunflower (seeds) 420
Rosehips (with seeds) 270
Olives 664
Dried apples 302
Dried pears 300
Walnuts (in shell) 654
Peaches (pitted) 304
Plums (with seeds) 306
Figs 267
Raisins 307

# 4 Danna

  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Bucharest
  • Interests: literature, fishing, animals - especially dogs

# 5 Danna

  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Bucharest
  • Interests: literature, fishing, animals - especially dogs

Arpacas 348
Biscuits 337
Horns, buns 269
Wheat flour 357
Rye flour 353
Corn flour 351
Oatmeal 382
Wheat 348
Gray 354
Mălai 362
Rice 351
Husked rice 355
White wheat bread 282
Graham bread 256
Intermediate wheat bread 255
Black wheat bread 245
Rye bread 239
Ordinary pasta 360
Pasta with egg 366
Corn 362

# 6 Danna

  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Bucharest
  • Interests: literature, fishing, animals - especially dogs

# 7 Danna

  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Bucharest
  • Interests: literature, fishing, animals - especially dogs

# 8 Danna

  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Bucharest
  • Interests: literature, fishing, animals - especially dogs

# 9 Danna

  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Bucharest
  • Interests: literature, fishing, animals - especially dogs

# 10 Danna

  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Bucharest
  • Interests: literature, fishing, animals - especially dogs

Sheep and cattle tallow 927
Margarine 786
Sunflower oil 929
Soybean oil 928
But 806
Melted butter 903
Goose lard 923
Lard 928

# 11 Danna

  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Bucharest
  • Interests: literature, fishing, animals - especially dogs

Bere blonda 47
His black 47
Pepsi 40
Rom 312
250uicã 250
Average wine 53
Whiskey 400
Sugar-free coffee 0
Sugar-free tea 0
Liquor 330

# 12 Danna

  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Bucharest
  • Interests: literature, fishing, animals - especially dogs

# 13 Danna

  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Bucharest
  • Interests: literature, fishing, animals - especially dogs

Starch 340
Chocolate candies 574
Fondant candies 420
427 cheese (200g serving)
Milk caramels 398
Milk chocolate 603
Chocolate with vanilla 570
Household chocolate 536
Cherry compote 65
Apple compote 73
Apricot compote 60
Plum compote 65
Cherry compote 65
Grape compote 80
Quince compote 70
Pear compote 85
Peach compote 70
Drops 405
Sweetness 328
Lightning with vanilla cream 300 (a lightning of 140g)
Apricot jam 302
Strawberry jam 304
Gem gutui 308
Peach gem 308
Gem plum 300
Gem visine 399
Raspberry jam 304
Glucose 319
Halva from the sunflower 546
Sesame seeds 554
Jelly 314
Lactose 407
Plum magic 245
Extra jam 292
Martipan 495
Bee honey 340
Apricot nectar 73
Nuga 575
Quince pellet 300
Cottage cheese pie 260
Praline 450
Rahat 398
Fruit salad 150
Savarina with whipped cream 300 (approx. 120g)
Fruit syrup (sour cherry, raspberry) 288
Album foam with fruit 244 (one egg)
Zahar 410

# 14 Elenitza-Cta

Or shut up or day something better than silence & # 33

# 15 Danna

  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Bucharest
  • Interests: literature, fishing, animals - especially dogs

I was going to post it, but in the meantime I got to work. The impetus was finally given to me by Gabitza.

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& # 160It's a delicious combination of all kinds of flavors!
M-am inspirat dintr-o reteta veche taraneasca: bors cu fasole boabe, visine si leustean - pe care am preparat-o de cateva ori.
Dar neavand chef de fasole boabe si vrand sa fac un bors de carne, dar mai altfel, am adaptat reteta respectiva si am facut foarte bine!

Mai inati am facut un bors moldovenesc de manzat ca la mama acasa. Cu bors de casa, leustean si cimbru.

500 g carne de vitel (manzat), cateva oase cu maduva sau sita - 700 g, zarzavaturi (o ceapa, un morcov, o radacina de patrunjel, o bucatica de telina), un ardei gras, 2 rosii, cativa catofi, verdeata - patrunjel si leustean, o legatura de cimbru, 300-500 ml bors ( depinde cat e de acru), visine proaspete.

Borsul de carne sau cel de perisoare facut fara oase nu prea are aroma. Am observat ca, din graba, se prefera sa se faca ciorbele numai cu piept de pui taiat bucatele sau cu perisoare, dar nu vor iesi prea bune. Borsul de gaina il facem din pasarea intreaga, fara a arunca asa numitul "tacam" decat dupa ce a fiert si si-a lasat zeama, iar borsul din alt fel de carne se face cu oase, folosind apoi supa respectiva.
Asadar, oparim oasele de vita si apoi le punem la fiert pe foc mic, cu apa rece. Spumuim si adaugam sare si carne taiata bucatele si curatata) de pielite. O lasam sa fiarba cam o ora, strecuram supa si o punem in alta oala, impreuna cu carnea, eventual si un os cu maduva ( daca ii place cuiva sa o manance).
Adaugam ceapa tocata si radacinoasele rase. Dupa 15 minute punem si ardeiul taiat fasii, rosiile si cartofii. Cand sunt toate fierte punem un castronel de visine - cu tot cu samburi- apoi borsul lasam sa mai fiarba si punem si cimbrul si o jumatate din cantitatea de patrunjel si leustean tocat. Potrivim de sare si dupa ce stingem focul presaram si restul de verdeata.

Servim cu ardei iute si mamaliguta sau paine de casa.
* Cum spuneam, foarte bun este borsul de fasole boabe cu visine (reteta de la strabunica, cine stie cat o fi de veche) si am incercat si la cel de cartofi, care mi-a iesit la fel de bun adica am facut borsul din cartofi, radacinoase, verdeata, bors de casa, smantana si visine.
* Pentru a putea face aceste borsuri si in extrasezon, am conservat visinele (exact ca la compot, prin sterilizare), dar numai cu putin zahar.


gustos si plin de vitamine.

trebuie sa fie tare gustoasa :).

te astept pe la mine sa ridici un premiu. cu drag pentru o zi buna

Interesanta reteta, te astept cu premii noi pe blogul meu.

Mmm.. tare gustos trebuie sa fie, nu am mai mancat bors cu visine, dar sunt convinsa ca da un gust aparte. Te puppp.

Video: Making spicy hot pepper jellyjam (October 2022).